I've been scammed by a person I met on Zoosk, His fake name is Alex Fleming. All was good for a month until he got a bid to go to South Africa. He asked for money saying he forgot to bring license to do mining in SA. His bank account was frozen. He had given me his user name and password to get on his bank site and transfer money to his supervisor. It did not work it got frozen and he couldn't get access to his account. I realized later who gives their bank info to a stranger? Then his mac pro broke. Etc.... the story goes on. I would tell him he is a romance scammer and we would have fights. He said he would pay me back, yeah right. His only wish was to be with me and his daughter. When he tried to go home, he got stuck in customs long story short he didn't get out until a month ago if you could believe that story. I had asked him for the website of his company. It turned out he was impersonating Carsten Beyreuther and his daughter and mother in law from his pictures. I notified Carsten. I would like this guy to rot in jail. I reported to the FBI. I don't want anybody else to go through this nightmare. Be safe!!