I am writing to you to first say "Thank You"this site has been helpful. After I was scammed so bad I have learned to use my head instead of my heart and it seems like in today world they find you everywhere. My Facebook, when I write friends on Skype or hangout even on messenger. I started turning them in but then it seem to hit me...... am I ruining an innocent man? I know the guy who is using that picture and or name is a scammer but the pictures sent you are innocent. What I would like to know how can we stop the ones that are guilty? We turn someone in they just start a new name and picture. We aren't stopping them. Plus us women who have sent money have the names of Who we sent to how do we go after them? The last few months I have had three young men admit to me they were scammers from Nigeria and of course admitted that it's their way of survival but also admit the money is sent elsewhere and never reaches them. Which I believe is true because the one that got me I was sending money to Turkey, Cyprus and twice right here in the states over a period of a year. These are the ones needed stopped. I'm willing to do my part. Thank You for listening