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    Pickardsgal Guest

    Question What if they confess?

    Hi there.
    I'm seeking a little advice here.
    Some back ground:
    I was contacted on a dating site by a man named Craig who claimed to be working on an offshore rig in Saudi, but coming home in 3 weeks time. We talked daily, but he always stuck to a rigid work schedule and for the first week or so his story was consistent. He made several attempts to call me google hangouts, but all calls were either dropped, or we could not hear/see each other. Then he began to exhibit different speech patterns in his texts that made me begin to question. It was at this time that he began asking questions for the 2nd or 3rd time as well, so I was suspicious. Not long after this, he asked me to purchase a factory unlocked iPhone 8 for his daughter's birthday. At that point, I knew that my suspicions were true and I played along for a day to get more information and then told him that I knew that he was not really the man in the pictures and that his story was not true and that I would not be purchasing the phone. For several more days we communicated on this one issue, with him being angry then playing the victim and then, when I repeatedly refused and stopped responding, he finally gave up all efforts to contact me.

    After about a month had passed, I suddenly, last night, received a message from him that just said "Hello."
    Then, shortly after that, a phone call from him on Google hangouts.
    I was curious, so I answered.
    What followed, to my surprise, was a full confession. This man that called me stated that he had been part of the scam and that he was very sorry. He confessed that nothing that he said as "Craig" was true, that this was his job, that he has scammed many other women, and then he apologized many times. When I asked why he was contacting me he stated that He "was willing to go to jail just to receive my forgiveness. " When I asked "why now?" he stated simply that he missed our chats.
    He complimented me enough to get me crying, so I hung up the phone. A few hours later, he contacted me through video chat with a clear video. He is a young man from Accra Ghana and he again apologized. He allowed me to ask a few questions about the scam, seemed to answer honestly, and simply stated that he felt terrible about this one because "something about "me was "so lovely" and he felt in his heart that I never deserved to be treated so cruel by anyone. He has repeatedly begged for my forgiveness and asked if we could be friends. He even did a video chat where he showed me a small room full of men (7-10 or so) all currently working on phones and computers scamming other women. (it was hard to see, and I was not ready for it, so did not capture any photos or anything. ).

    Sooooo.... my question is this: Does this happen often? And if so, what is the end game here? Obviously, I don't trust him at all, so what is it that I need to expect and watch for?

    Thanks so much for all of your time and responses.

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    Pickardsgal Guest


    Since submitting this, I have come to suspect that this "confession" was an attempt to work a totally different scam for a green card. I have blocked "Isaac" in every way that I can.


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