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Thread: Militry Romance

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    buttercup Guest

    Default Militry Romance

    I have been in touch with a commander in the army. He has told me a lot about his life. He has sent photos of him and his son. He is due to leave in a few months, he says that he is coming straight to see me in Spain, he lives in America. He has never asked me for money, but I have a *****ling thought. Any advice would be welcome. Thanks in advance.

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    Dory69 Guest


    it's really nice and meaningful

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    pigbusters Guest


    Please Sign this Pe****on

    Please make the social & dating sites (the open door to the public for scammers) accountable & make them responsible for not doing enough to keep scammers off their sites. Scammers are much ****** problem that what people know. It causes many to be financially and emotionally wiped out, even to the point of *******. That is not good for the Morale of U.S. Citizens. Please do something to help with this very destructive problem. Thank you for your time and consideration.

    if you have not signed the pe****on yet please do as soon as you can. It is starting to gain momentum again and more of the "right people" are paying more attention so lets keep that momentum going and growing! And please encourage everyone you know to sign it.


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