Hello all !


I met these two guys on polish gg two months ago.

I want to give you some informations about them which i have received from them .


markhannett55@gmail com

gg : 62429618

He changes gg very often . His previous numbers are : 61788927, 61962956 , 62089270

He told me on gg that : " am Mark Hannett from Arizona USA am working with US military intelligance on peacekeeping mission but i lost my wife in a crash last 4years ago ". In his email he told me that he is a dr Mark Hannett , he works for the Red Cross as a military doctor and now he is in Bghdad, Iraq. He lost his wife 7 years ago and he has a son called John , 14 , and he is in London in missionery school .

MARK HANNETT also told me that his late wife was from Poland , from Kraków.

After few days of meeting him, Mark Hannett told me that his son went for the excursion to Africa, and now he is in the hospital in Nairobi, Kenya.

Of course, this guy asked me for the money for a treatment of his son . He told me that he will **** himself if i will not help him.

Because i have a good heart and i am very naive i sent some money to this guy.

Mark Hannett sent me some pictures.


markharryson877@gmail.com , markharryson7704@outlook.com

I met this guy on the February 28 - th , 2017 on polish gg.

He told me that he lives in Arizona, now he is in Afghanistan, he is a soldier of the US Army. He is 54 years old , he lost his wife in a car crash 5 years ago, he has a son called John, 12 , and John is now in London in the Allen Hall Seminary.

MARK HARRYSON also told me that his late wife was from Poland, from Łódź.

Mark Harryson asked me for help. He wanted to send to me his box with his all properties. I told him that i don't have any money to help him so he told me that he will commite the *******.

He sent me his pictures and .....these pictures were THE SAME PICTURES like MARK HANNETT'S pictures.

I was totally confused so i sent my email to the US Departament of Defence and to the USArmy Criminal Investigation Command and they told me that they are a scammers.