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    hatescammers Guest

    Default I need out help to see if this is a scam

    I added a guy on Facebook on my friends he says he's in the marines. And he's out of the country he says he's from,Pennsylvania. We been talking since. October. We are now in a relationship ivy only talk to him on Facebook and messenger I don't if he's real his name is Michael Webb I need out help to see if this is a scam...

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    Sapphirerain27 Guest


    Do you have a picture of this guy

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    DebbieS Guest


    Be careful. I have been contacted by a man on messenger. He also had a Facebook account. I caught him in his lies. Don't send him money. My scammer name is Lawrence Briggs. He was stuck in Paris and wanted me to sell my car and body if necessary just for $200. If he tells you he loves you within a couple of days he's a scammer. It's hard when they send you pictures of themselves even videos. I was aware of the red flags but I was hoping and wishing he was not a scammer. He got mad because I wouldn't send money so he said he was tired of me and stopped answering calls or messages. Read the articles on Scammers. It is because of them I know what to look for. Thank you Scammers.

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    Sapphirerain27 Guest

    Default Dont believe what they tell you.

    I got a few pictures of the scammer i was talking also included pictures of his daughter. I searched and searched for any links to him and could not find anything. Part of me wanted to believe him but then the other part of me is the one he kept on asking money from. It was ok if i sold my car or went into debt for him i even told him i had to have surgerey he just kept asking for money so his cell could stay on while he was in turkey working on a 5 million dollar job. Oh he promised it all was for us to beva family. I have to laugh now at some of the things he would say to me. I dont know how he does it because the pictures i got from him were someone that really would have sweep me off my feet. He even had his daughter supposely email me saying how she wished i was her birth mom he covered every base. Its just sad how they treat women.


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