Reading some other ladies reports on this guy I'm a little confused. I encountered this douche-bag via a date site in August 2016, and like another of his targets who posted on him, I saw him on Skype. Afterwards I realised that it was in fact video footage of the guy they were using. It's very sophisticated. If I had know the methods scammers use before I was contacted by him I would have known straight away what was going on, but I didn't so I fell for it for a while. The thing that I can't get my head around is....this scammer is very active, and it appears to me that the photos they use, (the Charles Presten photos), and the video footage are in fact of another victim of theirs, some guy they recorded while he obviously thought he was just talking to a woman on Skype. He was wearing a wedding ring, that's one of the things that alerted me. Sometimes he'd be in an office, sometimes sitting on a sofa, sometimes lying in bed. They obviously recorded this guy over a fair length of time. So, I can't help but wonder if this guy would actually know that his images are being used for this? Can anyone shine light on that for me?