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    Default Scammers from match.com

    Just an FYI...I have met one, and possibly two. One's name was (supposedly) Shawn White, and he was (supposedly) a 55 year old stockbroker from Redmond, WA. He was tall, very GQ and distinguished looking, very buff (very impressive biceps and triceps,) with darkish hair, streaked with silver. He even told me the FIRM that he supposedly worked for in Redmond, WA, but I didn't find his profile or even that name on the firm's site...in fact, I couldn't find a listing for him in Redmond or, in fact, ANYWHERE near Seattle. His original email, if I recall, was dshawn374@yahoo.com. He changed it to gshawn374@gmail.com The pic he posted on his match profile was of a gorgeous, gorgeous tall guy; he supposedly was born in Greece to an Greek mom and an American dad. he did have a slight Greek accent (or at least it sounded Greek; I've worked with a lot of people who were from Greece, as well as with Greek Americans.) I pretty much knew he was a scammer, but I played along for a while. I wanted to believe he was real, because he was SO gorgeous, LOL! He didn't ask for money, either...FOR QUITE A WHILE...probably 2 months. I asked him to pose in front of a Tully's (coffee place) in Redmond...the pic he sent me was so fake---someone had literally torn (not even cut nicely, with scissors, but TORN) a pic of whomever that gorgeous guy was, and pasted it onto a stock pic of a Tully's, (a Tully's that appeared to be closed.) You could literally see how the pic of "Shawn" had been carelessly torn and stuck onto the Tully's pic---and his body was all out of proportion to the building (Tully's) behind him. His body also cast no shadow...even though the stock pic of Tully's appeared to have been taken on a very sunny day.
    . Then, he sent me a pic supposedly taken on a beach in Rhode Island...except there were 70" palm trees on the beach!!! When I pointed out to him I used to live in Rhode Island, and that there were NO palm trees ANYWHERE in Rhode Island, he acted all hurt that I didn't believe him....and then proceeded to tell me that they were RUBBER palm trees, put up for decoration!!! LOL!!! Then, he texted me finally and (here's where the request for money came in, out of the blue....) he wanted me to get a loan and loan him..get this--$165, 000 for some complex stockbroker deal that involved millions of dollars worth of gold that was currently sitting in a box in Customs in Boston, and could not be picked up by him until he paid taxes in the amount of $300,000 to (I believe he said) the IRS. None of it made any sense. He liked to call me his "goddess," and told me that he had raised $135,000 of the money he needed, (by getting a second mortgage on his house, supposedly) but, since I was his "goddess," he thought he could ask for my help to the tune of $165,000; he would pay me back in 2 weeks. LOL! At that point I blocked him, and sent all his texts and emails that I had saved to the FCC (as I had been planning to do, if/when he asked for money.) He attempted to call me and text me and email me again, but I could see the "block" alert come on when he attempted to call. He gave up after about a week of repeated attempts. LOL, I have to say...whomever it REALLY was/is in the pics of "Shawn"...I wish I could meet that guy. He was just gorgeous. Since that time, I've seen another "Shawn White" profile....but the guy pictured is not at all cute....I wish that I had saved the pics he sent....nice eye candy. If I can find one (I think I deleted them all) I will post it here. I even had (still have) his phone number, which was not a Seattle area code, but a SoCal one---he explained that by saying that he had a lot of clients in Southern CA (L.A. area) and used to travel there for work,) and he just never bothered to get a different phone number when he moved to the Seattle area---he called me from this number many times....he (whoever "he" really is) had a really sexy voice: 562-354-0986.
    I don't know if it is still in service...but the voicemail message started out "This is Shawn....and the rest of the message was very polite...very businesslike.
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