He claims he's special forces Intelligence Officer stationed in Africa doing intel on ISIS chapters that have formed there. " We are providing intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities to the multinational force that is dedicated to fighting Boko Haram (an ISIS subsidiary)"

He added me on Facebook and said my profile interested him. I told him I wasn't interested in a relationship but would chat as friends. Within a week he was referring to my mom as his future mother-in-law, told me he wants to meet me when he is discharged from the army in a year and wants me to be a mother to his daughter. He claims he is 51 years old and will be discharged from the army around mid 2017. He claims he is widowed, that his wife died 3 years ago but said "he's over it". He says he has no siblings except a half sister who doesn't speak to him because she doesn't like his military lifestyle, his mom has died and his father is very old and in a wheelchair from and accident when he was in the Mexican military years ago. He told me he loves me and despite my ignoring all of his advances he kept trying. Having experience with sociopaths in the past I can spot one pretty darn quick and they have many of the same tell tale signs as these typical scammers. Tonight after ignoring him for 2 days he sent me a message on facebook that I googled and was lead to scam letters here.

He said in the army there he only has a very old cellphone supplied by the army because more modern cellphones are easier to trace and get access to information which would put his squadron at risk. He later told me I misunderstood what he was saying and that he never actually said this and that I should buy him a more modern cellphone lol He also referred to his "home state" of New Mexico as a city and when I called him on that he said it was a typo.

Him: "New mexico is an interesting, lovely and nice city to live dear"
Me: "Are you sure you're American? New Mexico is a state, not a city."
Him:"That was a typo error"
Him: "I live in Lincoln County New Mexico" (again no mention of which city)

He told me his daughter is 10 years old and in high school. I told him she can't be 10 and in high school...he claimed that I do not know US school ages because I am from Canada. Then right after saying she's in highschool he said "she's in college". I told him 10 year olds definitely can't go to college. Then he said "You think so? She's in highschool" lol

He wanted my phone number and when he texted the number was listed in Texas: 682-593-4660. He claimed the cell phone was supplied by the army and the number got re-routed through Texas even though he is currently overseas. He then said it's really a New Jersey phone number. I told him no, I looked it up and it's Fort Worth texas lol He said he wanted me to text him a picture of me in bed. I refused.

He asked me my income, if I drive a car, if I live alone, if I own my home, where I like to travel and how often. He told me he had been to 20+ countries mostly with the army. I asked which was his favorite and he replied "Swiss". Swiss is a cheese not a country, dimwit.

He was still testing the waters so hadn't come out and asked me for money yet. I have since blocked him.