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Thread: Scam or not?

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    strong41970 Guest

    Question Scam or not?

    I have been talking to a couple individuals for about a week that I met on MeetMe. We moved to Kik/yahoo cuz MeetMe was freezing on me. One of them has not been talking like normal romance scammers, almost the opposite. The other one has, so pretty sure he's a scammer.

    They both claim to be military and overseas. One claims to be stationed at a local base about an hour away from me, and does seem to have knowledge of the area.

    After doing numerous searches for them on Malescammers.com, Google, LinkedIn, FaceBook, Twitter, Been Verified, I can not find out anything about them to proof that they are real or a scammer.

    What does that mean? Are they a scammer or just really in the military and their info isn't online cuz of their job in the military? Not sure what to think. All replies would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    TaylorAnn Guest


    If they gave you their name, well obviously they did and you can't find anything on them, it's a scam. I mean honestly the one guy who said that he lives about an hour away from you, I"m sure that he does, but he's using the 'I don't know the area' to catfish you. I'm sure that they will start asking for money soon enough. I would stay away from them.

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    crimzenhalo Guest


    Some people are private online. I mean I never give my real name to anyone online until I know them. Also, I use separate names online. My online name is not my birth name and I do this for my own security reasons. Just be careful.


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