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    langthang Guest

    Post Nigerian scammer as an U.S soldier

    I was scammed. I first got the messages from a man namely Martins Colony on Dec 27, 2015 on Skype. He claimed he was an U.S soldier currently serving in Afghanistan, a widow man with a son studying in UK. He said that he was about to retire from military and wanted to find a soulmate to live with after his retirement. Then after a few weeks communicated on Skype and via emails, I fell in love with him and sent him 2.500$ as his request for help to his son. I just realized all the things were fake when once again the scammer asked me to help him secure his box to Viet Nam for our future which was being stucked in an international airport in VN with the negotiated amount would be 7.500$. I didn't pay for that. And started figuring out what was happening to me. I was really shocked, stunned when the truth revealed. Although I’ve been being hurt and physically ill so far, I still have to say that THE MAN WITH HIS SON IN THE PHOTOS HAS BEEN USED to scam; HIS PHOTOS WERE STOLEN to scam. Please, don't blame him or disturb his family anymore because He and his family are victims like me, like us. So, I hope that he is still alive and living with his all family happily. Best things with them all.
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    TaylorAnn Guest


    I think that you could get this person into real trouble. I mean saying that you're in the military when you aren't, that's very bad. So, I would look into that more so that you can take this guy down.

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    langthang Guest


    Dear Taylor,

    I got more information of this guy so far but I think it was not a good idea when I lasted the relationship on purpose after I knew the truth just to obtain more his details. I accepted all what he pleaded for love till now you know.I am now still drowning in misery, still missing the fake soldier and at the same time even painful I am now still tired, painful and worn out for all what happened from Feb. Do you think I shouldn't have done this thing? I really want to overcome this tough period but I don't know how.

    I feel warm to get your email here. Thank you.
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    langthang Guest


    I'm sorry I do not get what you mean because I am using English as foreign language, I think there is something unclear in my post here which may lead to misunderstanding to the readers. I'm sorry.

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