Hi. I've noticed that i was being scammed. I first got the messages from a man namely Martins Colony on Dec 27, 2015 on Skype. He claimed he is an U.S soldier currently serving in Afghanistan, a widow man with a son studying in UK. After a few weeks communicated on Skype and via emails, I fell in love with him and sent him 2.500$ as his request for help to his son. I just realized all the things were fake when once again the scammer asked me to help him secure his box to Viet Nam for our future which was stucked in an international airport in VN with the amount would be 7.500$. I didn't pay for that. And started figuring out what was happening to me. I was really shocked, stunned when the truth revealed. After that, I went back to that fake account and did some investigations individually and I found out that the man in the photos is not a scammer. The SCAMMER IS A NIGERIAN who is staying in Ghana with his scamming group.
Although Iíve been being hurt and physically ill so far, I still have to say that THE MAN WITH HIS SON IN THE PHOTOS HAS BEEN USED to scam; HIS PHOTOS WERE STOLEN to scam. Please, don't blame him or disturb his family anymore because He and his family are victims like me, like us. So, I hope that he is still alive and living with his all family happily. Best things with them all. And the Nigerian scammers will definitely go to the hell.
I attached herein the stolen photos which were sent to me used by that Nigerian scammer. And he contacted me with email address: martinscolony@hotmail.com. The Nigerian scammerís name I found out (He is, hopefully) is Buccimilliciano.