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    langthang Guest

    Post Nigerian scammer in Ghana

    Hi. I've noticed that i was being scammed. I first got the messages from a man namely Martins Colony on Dec 27, 2015 on Skype. He claimed he is an U.S soldier currently serving in Afghanistan, a widow man with a son studying in UK. After a few weeks communicated on Skype and via emails, I fell in love with him and sent him 2.500$ as his request for help to his son. I just realized all the things were fake when once again the scammer asked me to help him secure his box to Viet Nam for our future which was stucked in an international airport in VN with the amount would be 7.500$. I didn't pay for that. And started figuring out what was happening to me. I was really shocked, stunned when the truth revealed. After that, I went back to that fake account and did some investigations individually and I found out that the man in the photos is not a scammer. The SCAMMER IS A NIGERIAN who is staying in Ghana with his scamming group.
    Although Iíve been being hurt and physically ill so far, I still have to say that THE MAN WITH HIS SON IN THE PHOTOS HAS BEEN USED to scam; HIS PHOTOS WERE STOLEN to scam. Please, don't blame him or disturb his family anymore because He and his family are victims like me, like us. So, I hope that he is still alive and living with his all family happily. Best things with them all. And the Nigerian scammers will definitely go to the hell.
    I attached herein the stolen photos which were sent to me used by that Nigerian scammer. And he contacted me with email address: martinscolony@hotmail.com. The Nigerian scammerís name I found out (He is, hopefully) is Buccimilliciano.
    Informing scammers that they are listed on the forum attracts a BAN from the website!!!

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    BDG1964 Guest

    Default Lewis Britz Kartel

    Hi My name is Brian,

    I live in Australia and I'm not ashamed to say I'm gay and have my profile on a gay site to hopefully meet Mr Right I'm also hoping to relocate to America in the near future.

    I received a message from a Dennis Moore from Richmond Virginia and was surprised when I had received a message I saw the pic's and thought well seems like a nice guy but in the back of my mind I thought it too good to be true!. I messaged back and exchanged email address's his was obviously fake I stupidly gave him my mobile number we texted each other and skyped and realized the person was not the person in the photo's but was the scammer Lewis Britz Kartel. I stupidly confided in him about a health condition I then continued playing along with his game at no time di he ever ask for money which I thought was strange I said I was in the progress of getting a immigration Lawyer to sort out a visa and he promised the world all a game but still no money. When I asked him to send photos of his house he sent ones out of a real estate site I sent one of my home on acreage and said these ones were real. when I finally was told to go on a scamming site the second face was his on the site I almost died.

    This has taught me one thing well I've always known this but if something is too good to be true it usually is!!!. I feel sorry for the person's identity he has stolen as that person more than likely has no Idea his photo's were put onto a gay website!. I have sent him and email stating till I take the last breath in my body I hope the day I see this scammer face to face is in a court of law watching him go down for his crimes. I have read all the testimonials of people He has scammed he has no moral conscience!!!



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    langthang Guest


    Hi Brian,

    I'm so sorry for your story. Like you, it was stupid of me to confide my miserable marriage and fell in love with him deeply. I've been under very bad condition since I knew the scammer behind the innocent man in the photos and still couldn't recover myself so far. Many Skype accounts with this person's image photoshoped a lot come up and request me sometimes after my story then I know clearly that the real photo owner has been under using by lots of scammers that they are arrested is really hard but I'm still expecting that thing will be happening to them bastards.

    Hope your everything will be fine soon.


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    BDG1964 Guest

    Default Hi from Brian

    Hi Deip,

    Thank you fir the kind words it means a lot.
    He may not have got money out of me but he stole more from me I other ways!. I feel a fool because I have confided in him with things I never told anybody!. It has caused major problems with my ex partner and it has been the week from hell so bad that I'm now looking for somewhere else to live!, I'm not joking! This is really good for my geek the condition I don't need the stress. I don't hate the guy I pity him I grew up never to hstrcsnybodyvss the only person it hurts I'd you not them he had no conscience!. As they say bad things happen to good people it's true!, I will bounce back I'm strong just dealing with my ex is the issue!,

    Take care


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    BDG1964 Guest


    Hi Diep,

    Brian here I spelt your Christian name wrong in my 1st reply I'm do dirty!.


    Informing scammers that they are listed on the forum attracts a BAN from the website!!!


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