This guy got me me good...meaning my feelings but NOT my money. I caught on when he called me in a panic with his heave accent stating he was in trouble because the shippers increased the price of his shipment and demanded that he send them $8,500.00 U.S. dollars. He said one of his crew member loaned him $5000.00 and he needed me to send him $3,500.00...yeah right. I wasn't born stupid just a bit gullible. He asked for money on the sixth week.

Prior to him asking for the money (two weeks into our supposed relationship) I asked him to Skype with me or send me a video of himself to prove to me he was who he said he was. He kept giving me excuses that he didn't own an android or smart phone, I told him in this day and age what kind of business man does business with a smart phone or camera phone as they use the camera to scan receipts.

Unfortunately, once I figured out he was a fake I deleted all his emails. Please be careful ladies, these people are ruthless. I feel sorry for the men whose pictures they pirated.