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    ida3105 Guest

    Unhappy my love is a scammer

    we know each other for almost a year, we love each other, and had a beautiful dream together. until finally he asked for money and I sent him. I was sad when a woman reported and included in the latest list of male scammers. I said I would forgive him as long as he stopped doing it to others.

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    sheidi Guest

    Default i loved a scammer too

    The same happened to me. It was so real that still I can not believe what happened.
    When I found his picture and name on this site a world was destroyed for me. I can not forgive a man who does this to us women...

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    raisamontero@yahoo.com Guest

    Default My love is a scammer

    Are you over him? I am having a hard time about my scammer. We no longer communicate but I miss him and think about him most days.

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    Jun 2017

    Default Scammer?

    you have his photos? I have a feeling I am chatting with a scammer too.


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