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    dcastingla Guest

    Default Free Private Investigator Services

    Hi all!

    We are still looking for women to help who have been conned. Please spread the word and feel free to email me at dana_lillie@discovery.com with any questions. Thanks so much!

    "Everyone wants closure, but not everyone gets it: especially those who have been conned. We want to change that. If your best friend met some online who seems fishy to you or a loved one stole something from you, our amazing private investigators are ready to help.
    Be a part of an exciting new TV series, AND get FREE help from the best private investigators around! Just email dana_lillie@discovery.com with your name, age, location, and story, and we will go from there. We look forward to hearing from you!"

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    TaylorAnn Guest


    Wow, that is great information. I mean being able to find somewhere to go when someone is scamming you is good. I know that it will help a lot of people out.


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