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    Irishwoman Guest

    Exclamation Maj Gen Robert James Afghanistan

    I was recently contacted on Linked In by a Maj Gen Robert James serving in Afghanistan who started paying me compliments about my photo which I immediately thought very suspicious! I figured it was a scammer. I am happily married and not looking for anyone so I kept my reply businesslike and told him this but also said I was sorry to hear his wife and children were killed in an accident 3 years ago. I had a similar character contact me on Skype a couple of years ago and just deleted him. I think women should be much more careful and not believe all this sweet talk from a total stranger on internet! Everything can be faked! Internet is great but also dangerous!
    Informing scammers that they are listed on the forum attracts a BAN from the website!!!

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    ina mares Guest


    I have, very recently been contacted through Facebook by, first, General Brown David, stationed in Kabul as part of the Peace Forces. He osted pictures oh supposedly him wearin formal uniform with lots of dcorations and others in working war clothes. Claimed to be a recent widow. Later on he said, formally, he was Major Brown David and expressed almost the same feelings of sudden love falling and desires to come here (Argentina) and marry me. Told him I'm 11 years older than him (he claims to be 57) but to no avail. He insisted. Since I was not quite convinced of this sudden burst of love from a high ranking officer, etc. I found this site and have luckily realized he is a scammer. Not that he would have got a penny from me . I will only miss the feeling of someone in the world caring about me.

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    Barbi Guest

    Default additional alias for Robert James?

    I was recently contacted by Oliver Dixon on Match.com. He claims to be 50 yrs old (photos look much younger), in the army and in Iraq. He is set to retire in 2 mos. Says his first wife died while giving birth and the infant died as well. Second marriage ended when he caught her cheating. Parents both perished after a car crash when he was 17. He asked me to communicate thru google hangouts right away and then, hid his match.com profile, claiming he felt a connection with me. I feel this may be another alias for Robert James as he sent me very "copy and paste" looking messages using the exact wording as some that were posted here.
    Note the wording...just doesn't add up for a guy claiming he was raised in Tucson.
    "Good Morning to you my charming princess. How are you doing this morning? Hope you are doing alright and having a great and wonderful morning. How was your night did you have a wonderful sleep, well just want you to know that i remembered you when i wake up this morning and thoughts of you makes my morning and my day complete, you truly a gift and the best thing that ever happen to my life, and know that you can always count on me and will always be there for you as my shoulders are always yours to lean on.
    So tell me what you having for breakfast? beside that what are your plans and schedules for today, beside those plans what do you intend doing for the rest of the day. Hope to chat with you soon, know that you are in my thoughts and thinking of you, kisses and hugs all over."
    Not sure what to do from here???

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    whelandonna88@gmail.com Guest


    I have a pic of wat i think could be this guy , is it ok to post

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    whelandonna88@gmail.com Guest


    Any pics of this guy
    Informing scammers that they are listed on the forum attracts a BAN from the website!!!


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