Robert Dillon his name is. I have been in contact with him since Sept. First it was a satellite phone because he was being sent to Nigeria. 1500$. All the paper work looked legit so I sent it. After he got to Nigeria, he claims the food is making him sick so I sent him money to get food off base. He of course has no access to funds from where he is. He got shot in the leg and now wants to come home. He requested I send an email to request leave. I thought that odd but I did it. It is called a "self sponsored leave" I got the paperwork sent it and noticed there was a 4 thousand dollar processing fee. I sent that thinking he will be coming home to me.I sent funds through either moneygramm or Western Union. Never to him, always to his commander who will pick it up for him. He loved me so much. Well, got approval a week later and there is a 4 thousand dollar replacement fee for the soldier and 2 thousand to fly home. This was coming from the department of defense I thought. What tipped me off is that they spelled defense wrong. It was defence in the email. When I asked him about it I was told to trust him and it worked for other soldiers. I have been in contact with the military, FBI and department of defense. There is no such thing.
He was too good to be true I guess. I was secretly hoping I was wrong but its obvious that I am not.