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    sunny Guest

    Exclamation Marc/Mark/Marcel Bradley

    I would like to get in touch with other people who are being cheated or deceived by this person.!
    I will do everything I can to stop his activities and the more people we are the better chance!
    He is a dangerous man who is skilled at communication and manipulation.
    Informing scammers that they are listed on the forum attracts a BAN from the website!!!

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    chili Guest

    Default Mark/Mark/marcel Bradley

    Do you have any pic of this mark. I have been cheated by someone in Malaysia. And i am in the middle of working very closely with Malaysian Police on this. please provide me a pic see if it match mine.

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    sunny Guest

    Default Ad marc bradley


    Sorry that you too have been a victim of his fraud

    You will find pictures and details when you log on to this profile.


    I'd like to hear what has happened and if you achieve anything by it malaisiske police

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    sunny Guest


    Sorry that you too have been a victim of his fraud

    You will find information and various pictures mm under his scamprofile:


    I will be glad if you will send me a note on what has happened and if you achieve something through Malaisisk police

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    sunny Guest

    Default Marc bradley aka Ason Van Amstel

    This scammer has change his name in facebook too: Ason Van amstel
    He still use the same pic.


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