This guy contacted me on Gaydar. The photo on his profile on gaydar didn't match the soldier photos of Elliot McGlone he sent me. In the space of 5 days of emailing he claims to have found the love of his life (me). He says he is 33 years. I am older and he says he was looking for an older man. He gave me this sob story about how his father died when he was quite young and how he still misses him, and that his mother dis-honed him because he is gay. Appeals to the stereotype that younger men that like older men are looking for father substitutes. He says he is originally from Colorado Springs

He told me how emotional he is and falls in love quickly and then hopes that I do too; and that he only wants one man for the rest of his life. The last email he sent me was saying he wanted to take 4 weeks leave and come and visit me in Australia.

He claims to be 33 years of age.

He uses the email:

A google search showed other websites:

Elliot McGone on Facebook - same looking guy as the photos in battle dress he sent me but he is from Paintsville Kentucky

Then there is Sgt Elliot McGlone who is on Netlog who is fishing for women! - same photo.

It could be there is a real Elliot McGlone as I noted he also has a name of a youtube video and that it is a stolen identity.