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    fun while it lasted Guest

    Default Sgt Elliot McGlone

    This guy contacted me on Gaydar. The photo on his profile on gaydar didn't match the soldier photos of Elliot McGlone he sent me. In the space of 5 days of emailing he claims to have found the love of his life (me). He says he is 33 years. I am older and he says he was looking for an older man. He gave me this sob story about how his father died when he was quite young and how he still misses him, and that his mother dis-honed him because he is ***. Appeals to the stereotype that younger men that like older men are looking for father substitutes. He says he is originally from Colorado Springs

    He told me how emotional he is and falls in love quickly and then hopes that I do too; and that he only wants one man for the rest of his life. The last email he sent me was saying he wanted to take 4 weeks leave and come and visit me in Australia.

    He claims to be 33 years of age.

    He uses the email: elliotmcglone@outlook.com

    A google search showed other websites:

    Elliot McGone on Facebook - same looking guy as the photos in battle dress he sent me but he is from Paintsville Kentucky


    Then there is Sgt Elliot McGlone who is on Netlog who is fishing for women! - same photo.


    It could be there is a real Elliot McGlone as I noted he also has a name of a youtube video and that it is a stolen identity.
    Informing scammers that they are listed on the forum attracts a BAN from the website!!!

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    thedudemeist Guest

    Default Sgt. Elliot Mcglone

    COMPLETELY IDENTICAL CORRESPONDENCE I received. He found me in a chat room in Israel called atraf. He had an identical exchange fact-for-fact with me.

    I got suspicious as I have been stalked before. So I did an online search which landed me here. I had seen the Facebook profile of the Pikesville, KY guy.....not much information.

    My guess is that he has is very good at cutting and pasting! Weird- I wonder who this is?

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    thedudemeist Guest

    Default does this sound familiar? received in June of 2014 from elliot mcglone

    claiming to be a Sergeant in Afghanistan, also using elliotmcglone@outlook.com. Identical story. I got suspicious after the second email frankly...and by receipt of the fourth started an online search which landed me here. I've been stalked before and it felt eerily similar.

    Here's the first message I received from him. My guess whoever this person is, they excel at cutting and pasting:


    "I'm really glad to read from you.I am Originally from Colorado Springs, Colorado USA, I am 33 yrs old, presently in Kabul, Afghanistan. Have been in the US army about 6 years now.. I'm one of the squad of infantry soldiers dedicated to protecting our great nation.. We are sent to ******** countries like Iraq and Afghanistan to disrupt or destroy an enemy that has extreme hatred for us simply because we represent the American flag. We might not all believe in the reasons that we are here in the Middle East but I guarantee that those soldiers will fight, if necessary, just for their fellow soldiers.

    I want you to know that distance and age does not mean any thing to me in a relationship what really matters is our heart for each other and the more we know our self the more the feelings rise.i am looking for relationship and i am looking for a man that we can be together for the rest of our life.Well my plan is that as soon as i move to my lover place who knows may be it is you, am willing to start my other career in hotel management and tourism.

    That is why I love my job! We are true Americans, not the greedy and selfish Americans we are mistaken for on a daily basis in the Middle East. I love my country and see no better way to serve it than how I currently am.I lost my dad when I was young...i miss him… my mum is still alive, she is 67 year old,she does not want me again because am a ***........I go to the gym every morning to make my body fit.....i have a very simple mind, I hate argument. When I am in a relationship I always want to satisfy my man with every thing, I am not the best but want to be for my man… I easily fall in love …I want a partner I can share my life with, some one that is caring, some one that has it in mind to love me, some one that can love me for who I am, some one I can be with till eternity..… WELL I GUESS I SHOULD STOP HERE.. I HOPE TO HEAR BACK FROM YOU .......I am cool, loving and gentle guy, looking for a serious relationship. LTR.someone to love and trust.... I am honest, caring, trust Worthy,romantic and understanding, I love spending my free time in beach, I have been once cheated on but want to start in new chapter in my love life I am looking for a soul mate, someone i can love till the end of time, and someone i will live my life with..

    I have interest in you, there is a lot of distance between us but I don't want you to measure that, all I want you to measure is the good feelings of my heart, which I have in writing this to you. "What is more important to us in this life is the love we share, the memories we have for our love ones. Let Give love a chance to lead us. I will love to keep in touch with you, I just want u to know that, it takes two people contributing a relationship to make it work... Despite the distance, if u know what is really in your heart. we can work things together to make it a reality...i have some questions for you, Are you single? What are you seeking for? What do you like in a guy? What do you for ***?

    Thanks and waiting your email soon.

    Kisses and hug



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    fun while it lasted Guest


    Wow yes exactly the same email I got at the start. As you say good at cutting and pasting. He got in touch with me through Gaydar but they shut down his profile after I reported him.

    A bit of an update:

    When I cottoned on and stopped emailing him he then said me a business scam -how his troops had found this ***** of USD in the millions when they killed an insurgent -and needed someone to hold on to it. Yeah right -just the way the US army works. At first I was incredulous as to how could he think when one scam didn't work that another even more ****** one would. I didn't reply to this. \

    Then a few weeks later I got an email accusing me of destroying his identity and how God was going to punish me for that. So now God sides with lying deceptive thieves and when they are caught out the victim who took action can then expect His wrath. \

    There was a few emails back and forth as I was less than kind towards him. Then I began to realise from the level of lack of coherence that not only is he a lying thieving scamming *****; he is also a complete nutcase; certainly not the full quid. English is certainly not his first language but it was much more weird than just lack of fluency and command of English. He continued to try the lines about how heavenly it was going to be when we finally hit the sac together -despite all that I had said about him and what I told him I knew about him. No insight at all. Still claims to be Eliot but not American but part of NATO.

    So I don't think you have much to worry about him. Just don't respond or set up an automated reply.

    I set up an automated reply to let him know I was not reading his emails-which is true -my spam filter collects them all. That was after signing him up for lots of cheap ******, ***** *********** and other plastic surgery scamming type websites -that was fun. I also included some fast track English language courses of the spamming, false claims type. I guess he gets a lot of emails now.

    Looking back on it I wonder how I got ****** in at all. But I guess that being lonely and hoping to find that someone special makes one vulnerable.

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    Bruole Guest

    Default Sgt Elliot McGlone

    Simply amazing; the very identical email that I got. I looked him up on Facebook and well do to my military background I did an up close look at the pictures that he sent. Well he said that he was a Sgt but yet he has the rank of Spec 4 on his uniform. I know that it takes at least 3 plus years to get to spec 4 or E-4 and another 3-4 years to get to rank of Sgt or E-5. The other thing that tipped me off was continual grammar errors. Then the info on Facebook said he was from Kentucky and not Colorado. I swear to god these people must think that all of us are gullible. He contacted me via Manhunt. Just because I'm older doesn't mean I am ******. So now that I've put this down. I'm going to have his Manhunt profile suspended. Sure hate it for whom ever they are.

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    oopsmybad Guest

    Default Sgt Elliot Mcglone

    Hi..my name is Sharon . I'm a straight female ,but i came upon this site in my search for answers. About a man that I've been writing with for over 3 years now. He claims to be Sgt Elliot Mcglone.
    First he said?he was with the army,then NATO. I've read what you guys have wrote about him.
    And he's the same guy. He also has email at elliotmcglone @gmail .
    The pic of him with the fish on fb i actually sent to him. i found it by googling just his name.
    So,he has apparently stolen someone's identification.I met him on meetme.
    He is a scam artist for sure. He writes me the same way as he writes you guys.
    Always asking for help with a leave...etc. .He is definitely scamming a lot of women ,also .
    I've been told that he is one from a scam ring..out of West Africa. He actually followed me to fb and that when he set up that acct. please don't let him get to you. He doesn't care how long it takes. He will write you for years if there's any hope that you will ever send money. He also goes under several other aliases. uses the name Scott in them often. This is just a job to him....just easy
    money. i never sent him anything ....but a lot of heartbroken people have.
    His letters to me...are basically carbon copies of his letters that you guys have posted.
    The only difference is he writes to me as a straight woman.
    i did get my heart broken. but like one ofi you guys said ..we do things out of lonliness sometimes .
    J didn't mean to intrude. i want to thank you guys so much! I've searched everywhere ..just trying to find the complete truth. And honestly i have to say that you guys really watch out for each other. Thanks again ...i can finally put this behind me now. God bless!
    Oh and his letters almost always close with "hugs and kiss,Elliot "

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    fun while it lasted Guest

    Default Hi

    Hey Sharon

    Grea to hear from you and that you discovered who he is and what he is. Having your heart broken is really really bad and I just hope you didn't part with a huge amount of money or anything like that.

    Just remember it is not your fault! It s certainly not your bad! Being vulnerable is not the crime - it is what leads us to reach out to others and to be fulfilled in our lives whether straight or ***.

    The is about a multi billion dollar criminal activity where thousands of people get ripped off and deceived

    I have to admit that it has made me extremely careful now of "relationships at a distance". I just don't know if it is worth the risk.

    Anyhow I wish you all the best and hope you do find that guy you really deserve. Don't give up - just go in with your eyes open. Maybe start local - at least that way you can see who he really is.

    Best regards


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    راتین Guest


    thanks for this sharing

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    paytakht Guest


    My guess is that he has is very good at cutting and pasting! Weird- I wonder who this is?

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    dandehdasti Guest


    thanks for this forum afghan
    Informing scammers that they are listed on the forum attracts a BAN from the website!!!


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