Ross Howard of Diamond Security Group is a 419 scammer asking for fees up front to clear funds. Uses a false address at a shopping complex that has not heard of the company and the same address and information is used with two other companies Golden China Brokerage and Delwood Finance Security - the information has been stolen from a legitimate Finance company, including photos, text and info on their principals - I have contacted the legitimate company in the USA and they are in the process of contacting the the FCC - I have several emails from Ross - they are part of a group of scammers operating in Malaysia, UK and Thailand and Nigeria. the false address they use for these 3 companies is

Ground & 1st Floor Boulevard Complex, Lot 2528, Jalan Boulevard Utama Boulevard Commercial Center, 98000 Miri Sarawak Malaysia

ph: + 603 5021 9066/ +603 2178 4466
fax: +603 2178 4854
Ross Howard