Operates from New Delhi. Tried to Gay Romance Scam me but I have also found that he appears to rip off potential customers of travel packages to the Himalayas - other people have reported his travel scams. He operates under the company:

Indian Foundation Travel Private Limited.

With me it followed the usual drama script: Met on an Online dating site (Planet Romeo) Nice introduction, pays huge attention, falls in love very quickly - within a week. wants phone numbers, emails addresses, Birthday dates. Agree to Skype but on trying video skype - oh my his camera fails to work every time.

This time I went in with my eyes open from the start. Noted the sudden falling in love as warning bell one, Asking for Date of Birth very suspicious. Then on doing some research I found him on another scamming site where he allegedly defrauded a tourist of a tour package. worth over $2,000