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    TexasGalUSA Guest

    Default Michael Myers - Exclusive Dezyns or Xclusive Dezyns

    He uses his charm to lure in you, please be careful of this person. Will tell you loves you more and can't wait to be with you. Also sings Elaine Paige songs to you on the phone. Promises to pay you back as soon as he arrives gives you airline reservation information and is a no show at the airport. After waiting three hours and speaking with the customs officials, he was never processed at the airport, went to the airline ticket counter to find out he canceled his ticket days before.

    Scammed for $2,589.50 for and iPhone 5 I sent this person and money wired to him to pay things off before he took his flight that his Client paid for the ticket. While he was supposed flight to Houston, he texted me his driver's Randy's mother was having cancer surgery and asked me to wire $700 to his driver and would pay me back as soon as he arrived but again he was a no show. Please be careful of this person, he will break your heart at least he did not break my wallet too badly. At one time he wanted me to send him 15 Apple Desk Top computers and I told him I contacted Apple in the USA and they do not ship computers to Ghana that he would have to get the computers from a Distributor in France. One time he also claimed he would payment back and wanted my credit card information to pay me for the iPhone and get the computers for him, I told he have his banker call me. I am so glad I never gave him any personal information. My advice is be very careful about any financial information given out to this person or to any scammer.
    Informing scammers that they are listed on the forum attracts a BAN from the website!!!

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    burnthemup Guest

    Angry Apple computer scam iPhone via date site connection

    A friend of mine was scammed by connecting with a man off of a very well advertised date site. ( not sure if I can name it )

    The man claims to be an engineer and claims to work in London 6 months out of the year, and showed his other home with 2 nice cars he owns in Southern California. Claims his wife died of cancer- the sob story.
    He claims he has a daughter in Singapore that usually helps him with finances.

    He sent pictures, used Skype with her, gave her the i love you song and then asked if she would help him as he needed some computers for his business training and more B.S. to convince my friend to help him, laid on the love story to her

    He's used stolen credit cards and it is just unbelievable ....

    This conman is after apple computers and iPhones and $$$! This guy needs to burn in hell as he scammed my female friend for a large chunk of change.

    The scammer goes by the name: john bryson. Beware of this
    Informing scammers that they are listed on the forum attracts a BAN from the website!!!


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