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    Default Tyler Williams from Kabul (Afghanistan) and Lagos (Nigeria)

    First reported as: Tyler Williams
    Age: 43
    Aka: William Tyler
    Scams from: Kabul (Afghanistan); Lagos (Nigeria)
    Used e-mail address(es): tyler.wil100@yahoo.com
    Scams on: Face Book, Tagged

    If you have additional information such as aliases, e-mail addreses, postal addresses, phone numbers, photos and letters sets, fake docs, media files etc. used by this scammer, then add report to main database.

    Reporting Romance Scammers

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    anina Guest


    It manages to track down his true identity?

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    anina Guest

    Default Tyler Williams, Kábul /Afganistan/

    He used email address : tyler.wil100@yahoo.com

    he uses a fake email UN :
    RHB Bank International Online Transfer :bank.rhbinternational@gmail.com

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    What manages to track his true identity? I would really like to know who my scammer is so I can move on .so I'll know for sure


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