Sandra from USA wrote:

"I have been using the dating sites now for approx a year and have talked to around 10 different persons involved in Scams. One good way to check them out is to enter the email address or their name into a Social Network like Facebook. 9 times out of 10 they are there under a different person and usually in Nigeria or Ghana. Also,, the proper writing of words is a clue that the person may be from another country and they way they write kind of indicates their age level. Unfortunately, women are looking for love and these people brainwash the woman then move in for the money. Sadly, it took me several hours to convince my friend who had fallen prey that the man wasnt interested in anything but getting her money. It is very frustrating to find people like this' however, a "real" person will meet you. Thank you so very much for this Website... it is very useful and resourceful."

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