I have been scammed out of a very very lot of money,which I will not make back in my lifetime.But life goes on so I started to report him derrik meade to scam watch first and now I have settlement agreements from the so called court in Dubai which have names on there from very respected people I,m in prosses to contact them and let them know there names are used for scams .I have befriended them on LinkedIn all very highly respected sheiks ,and there just now responded to my request.I will send them all the information I have and I hope there will follow it to the end to catch him.Money will be not a problem for them,but what I hope there will not see there name misused .I will also send the papers to the Dubai police it only can be traced in Dubai I hope .Australia can do only go to its border.I still do talk to him to keep the line open he still wants more money.But now it is my turn to play with him.
Girls all I can say is fight back and report report to anybody you can think of.,and don,t be ashamed we all have weaknesses nobody is perfect.