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One of our visitors wrote:

"Hello. I met a man thru Christian Lifestyle. His name is Robert Miller. He said that he is from Daytona Beach,Florida and that he is an engineer (also contractor) working in London, England for 6 weeks on a project. I talked with him for almost 1 week on Ymail and also the phone. Monday he said that he got a contract to maintain pipelines and that it was worth a lot of money. He had some really handsome pictures. Tuesday he said that he hired 20 engineers to help him. Wednesday he said that he was working on a deal to send oil to Malaysia. Thursday he said that he put a down payment of 100,000 on his own credit card for the deal to go thru. He said that he needed an additional 50,000 from his company in the US- Shell Oil. Friday he was getting really worried about getting the money. He said that he needed it by tomorrow Tuesday. This guy said all kinds of things to me. He fell in love with me within 3 days and was talking about marriage,etc. He said that we should go on a long vacation after his project and that he would pay the way. He was talking about us going to Dubai. He said that he would come here to Toronto after his project is finished. This guy was full of a lot of sweet talk and claimed to be a Christian. I talked to 2 friends of mine about him and one friend was getting suspicious. She said that he shouldn't have put the 100,000 down on his credit card. She said that he should be working under a business name. I let her listen to his voice on my answering machine. She said that his voice sounds African. He said that he grew up in Germany. Some of the other things that he said sounded fishy to my friend. She looked up a lot of material on the internet about scammers. There was too much evidence - engineer, contractor, UK, Malaysia, Shell, speaking in broken English, etc. I am really thankful for my friend and also God. I think that God protected me. I broke it off with that guy. He sent me 2 emails and a phone call since then. We didn't talk very much on the phone.I don't want to talk to him anymore. I will leave this in your hands. Thank-you."