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Thread: I played him...

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    Default I played him...

    One of our website's visitors wrote:

    "... He contacts me today to ask for $4000 to have the operation done. Ok, but insurance does work over seas, and how can you leave a hospital to go to western union to pick up money if you are bed ridden? Then, I played him, I told him I would send the money after I got done with work. Then, in the middle of work, I informed him that my daughter was on her way to the hospital. I also told him that it was bad, real bad and they where transferring her to a children''s hospital. Long story short, I ended up not sending the money because I needed it for my daughter."

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    liposk Guest


    good on you for not falling for it ,not like I did very very badly,but I do play him now he is even now asking for more money or he has to stay in lookup for 1 1/2 year's I did just say I will wait till he get's out.

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    TaylorAnn Guest


    Wow, that is awesome that you didn't fall for that. I know that some people will, but it's awesome that you got back at him. Never fall for things like that. Your money can be used for something way better than someone else who is scamming you.

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    crimzenhalo Guest


    I am glad that you didn't send the money. It sounds like more and more of these guys are popping up online with pity stories. I can't stomach the thought of these people taking advantage of someone's good nature.

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    buttercup Guest


    Good on you for turning it around. Glad that you didn't send any money. These scammers just don't care about anyone but their own greed, and they dont have a conciounse.


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