I have been contacted by several men after finding myself on a site app called flirt on Face Book. It basically takes 5 seconds to profile you from your FB page and uses your profile pic. I have been contacted by several men at least 10. $ have asked for money or wanted some kind of transfer into a Bank acct. All with in about a month and a half. I did file an online report with the FBI. One of the men who picture is on your site has contacted me. He has not asked for money yet. Craig Shaun Scheitzer age 45. He goes by Wyatt Evan and has 2 FB sites. We talk on Yahoo messenger and he plans on coming to see me when he leaves Nigeria in Sept. So basically Craig Shaun Scheitzer/ Wyatt Evan. This is all new to me. I know they are scams but not all women do and I know this flirt site is nothing but a scam.