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    melissa60 Guest

    Default This is all new to me

    I have been contacted by several men after finding myself on a site app called flirt on Face Book. It basically takes 5 seconds to profile you from your FB page and uses your profile pic. I have been contacted by several men at least 10. $ have asked for money or wanted some kind of transfer into a Bank acct. All with in about a month and a half. I did file an online report with the FBI. One of the men who picture is on your site has contacted me. He has not asked for money yet. Craig Shaun Scheitzer age 45. He goes by Wyatt Evan and has 2 FB sites. We talk on Yahoo messenger and he plans on coming to see me when he leaves Nigeria in Sept. So basically Craig Shaun Scheitzer/ Wyatt Evan. This is all new to me. I know they are scams but not all women do and I know this flirt site is nothing but a scam.

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    liposk Guest

    Default romance scammer

    Hi there in your post you did say a lot of women don't know about scammers I did know and I always did say why women send money I would not but by saying that now I did exactly fall for a scammer and did send a lot of money I lost the plot completely I still don' t know how it all happen this one is really good his name is derrik meade he was on this site but by then it was to late and now he is not on this site anymore I did question him about it and then his post was removed I don't know how he managed that.since all this happen to me I will never blame the women again ,I did learn my leason the hard way.and i'm a very successful and confident women.

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    TaylorAnn Guest


    Yes, that does sound like a scam site. I would get away from that as fast as you can. But, it is good that you haven't given them any money because it is a total scam.

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    crimzenhalo Guest


    Facebook is loaded with 3rd party viruses and scams, you have to be careful. I know so many people who have gotten infected because they freely allow this kind of **** on the site. I don't trust Facebook and will never use it. Be safe on there and don't click anything that redirects you!


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