Once you realized that most of these guys are scammers you can play the scammers use them for their entertainment value just donít give them any real information donít fall for their bull crap and just enjoy their company use them for their entertainment value because they can be fun and interesting to talk to as long as you donít fall for that crap Iíve been playing these guys for days once I figured it out.

just donít ever ask them for anything. that way they canít turn it around on you and make you into the scammer you just use them for their entertainment just to pass by the days just to have some fun I had one guy who is sitting there in sergeant stripes telling me that he was a captain after being married to a military man for 32 years I knew damn well that he wasnít a captain I called him on it three times he was too stupid to figure it out and when he finally realize that I knew he stop talking to me.