His name is either Martin Clifford or Clifford Martin heís on Hangouts heís on Scrabble GO he is on Hangouts as Marrtinclifford2@gmail.com Heís on Facebook as Clifford Martin he claims that he has a daughter named Annie I have done a little bit of research and have found that both of the email addresses that heís giving me not only for himself but for Annie come back null non existent. And when I have called him on this he has told me that he doesnít use his Facebook anymore since his wife died and it does say on his Facebook that his wife did pass that heís a widow I just donít know whether or not to trust anything he saying he says heís working on a oil rig as a sub sea welding engineer.
He claims to have been born in Evansville Indiana but lives in Gulf Shores Alabama hereís my issue with this if he is a US citizen US citizens know how to speak English they know how to type English they donít use broken language at least not most of us.

If anyone else has come in contact with this man can you clue me in Iím playing him for all Iím worth right now.