My scammer was prior marine, said he worked for dyn corp, and has a contract to work with UN. He was in Syria. Not long after love bombing me, he wanted to breach his contract an come home. To do this he had to go to Istanbul. He got sick there, and was hospitalized. He had a fake invoice sent to me, needed me to pay the bill as they don't take insurance. (the from address was - notice the instabul is spelled wrong. After he met with UN to break his contract they paid him then demanded a hefty penalty - which he said I had to pay as beneficiary. After many day of back and forth and his claiming others helped pay the penalty was paid and he got a flight from Istanbul to New York. Except he got stuck in customs. I was asked to pay bail of $9000 which I could not do so now he is in prison in istanbul -supposedly. He begs for itunes cards because he is hungry and needs them for phone and internet access. However I found him again on pof tonight. I'd love to know who he really is. I don't find his photos at all online. He has tried to involve me in many scams, reselling phones, etc.
Here is his pof profile - do other scammers user previous scammers profiles? Or it is the same guy again?

Name is Jose - as of now he owes me about $30,000