Hi, I think my friend is involved with a scammer. I've tried to warn her but she continually believes this 'scam guy'.

Theres a kit of flags for me. They met on a dating app, she 'liked' him first but I dont think that's relevant. When they got talking, he asked her to move their contact to Hangouts, which she hadn't used before. She is in the UK. He claims to be from USA, now living in Wales and he installs medical equipment in hospitals in foreign countries. He is currently doing this in Dubai. They have been chatting for 5/6 weeks, every night. They chat by telephone with the odd email or message. He has sent photos of himself, usually full length photos with someone else having taken the photo, and a couple of selfie types. She says they have video called once or twice and she has seen the same man in the photo on the video call. He is a decent looking, tanned white man in late 40's. He has sent a few emails professing his love for her, how she makes him stronger, a better person blah blah. They are both in love with each other, he earns a good salary in his work (she is broke and apparently he knows this?), wears designer looking clothing, smart etc. He's been planning on coming over to see her for a couple of weeks but keeps getting put back, but hes supposed to be over in 4 days now. He keeps saying that he wants to stay here for 3 weeks so they can get to know each other. 3 days ago, he called to say about issues hes been having with work that meant he would be delayed. He 'meant' to end his call with her but 'unwittingly' kept her on the line whilst he had an arguement with a work colleague about these delays, which she overheard. He wanted her to 3-way call with his mother to 'meet' his mum a few weeks ago.

He recently sent photos which I did some digging around. This is what made me flag to her that I dont think hes genuine, however, she spoke to him again and hes got her back on his side. He seems to have an excuse for everything.

He sent 2 images of the medical room hes supposedly set up in Dubai. They looked like professional shots. I reversed image searched these and found them on another website saying the room was completed in 2013. When she confronted him about it, he said yes, it was done in 2013, not recently, it was a room he designed back then.

He sent 3 images of Dubai at night. I couldn't match these by reverse searching, however, after a lot of digging i found that they were screenshotted from a timelapse video on Instagram. One of his images even had a white crop border at the top where it wasnt cropped properly. When I showed her this, she understood that this guy isn't who he says he is. However, when she confronted him about it, he said, yes, he did screen shot them from a video because she asked for images of Dubai (where he is supposed to be). Not sure why and not sure why he couldn't just get shots from his hotel?

I cant find his own images (of him) matching on a reverse search. He called whilst I was there 2 days ago. He started by asking her if she was alone? When he heard the background noise, he questioned whether she was alone, she lied and said it was the telly. Then he went on to say how he would be delayed a couple more weeks.

His accent that I heard on the phone sounded Nigerian, no twang of USA or Welsh which you would expect. I'm not sure why she cant hear his Nigerian accent though.

I cant understand, if he is a scammer, how they have managed to video chat? My theory is that the white man in the images and video calls is 'in' on the scam and therefore kept those images offline, and hence been able to do a video call but she must be speaking to a different person on the calls.

The fact of his screen grabbing images from a video leads me to believe that this is a sophisticated ring, as they knew to grab video stills so that there wasnt a reverse image match.

She says hes not asked for any money or personal details and that he knows she isn't working, lives in a council house and has no money, so in her eyes he can't be scamming her?

Does this sound like a scammer?