Hello thank you for your website I'm shock about what i found it in your site that i was one of the victims of scam i was very hurt about what happen to me now i find him one of his picture they sent to me until now i feel sorry for myself because just right now i feel bad because i loved him he promise me to have a better future and come over to me and go with him in Washington in his house to having a happy family,i lost my job all my money i saved because of him,In the first time I knew him in tango his name Nick Bergner he gives me the address of united nation NATO in UK to send them email to ask his vacation because he was in Afghanistan for his last mission,then they write me back ask for payment for his flight cost 1150 pounds and then second payment for his vacation certificate 3398,96 pounds,send him my iPad to dhl buy him everything he ask charger earphone case for ipad and send this name Ovwe Robinson from Accra Ghana teacher of his son in military academy but he ask money cash 100 euros to put in the box to buy something when the packages arrived and took to the shop to download music and movie he ask my identification from apple and my password.By then UN flight took him from Afghanistan to Nigeria on Thursday last week when he arrived in Nigeria the after he call me that he was arrested in the road while buying some foods together with two french people he took him to the custody office for many days then ask him money to pay about 350,000 NGN this week on monday i sent him the payment in money gram with two name Ikewun diamond Ornagita and Edafe Ukporhomo in Nigeria but they having a problem to take the money because it was blocked,the day after I went back to money grams to cancelled and sent it to western union,the other day come he called me in the morning and told that he can't take his flight to France because his ticket is already sold out from immigration now he ask me TO money up because this we dont have cheaper flight ticket i sent him again the name of Ernest Atatigho Nigeria 980euros now normally everything is done and he can take the flight to come over in France but nothing happen because this morning he told me that he can not sign in his skype that is why his not living because he need to show the iPad in the shop and ask my iTunes identification and password he knows that it was connectés to my account.Hope you can help me more i dont what to do i want my money back i have nothing.