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  1. USA Military requested my friendship on Facebook

    First of all, l like to say l'am recently new to facebook. To my surprize a gentlemen from United States Military requested my friendship. So l posted it on fb asking facebook members what l should...
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    How do I check that he's genuine?

    I have been contacted by MIguel Angel Cuevas from Madrid: he contacted me through Instagram and then Facebook. How do I check that he's genuine?
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    Am I beeing scammed?

    I am in need of help to see if I am beeing scammed. I got in contact with Tim Jonathan thrue instagram. He says he is a soldier in Syria. He has shipped a package to me with his belongings via Trim...
  4. Is there any way to track bank account information?

    Have you ever had anyone who has shared a bank account information? Is there any way to track it?
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    Do I go to the police or the bank?

    I was in contact with a man about 2 years ago and sent him money. Then about a year ago he was supposedly killed in auto accident. Then he was 'resurrected' about 5 months ago was very sick, wanted...
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