View Full Version : James Scott VOLPE - new Facebook page

12-01-2017, 01:25 PM
hello Family

just an update on James Scott Volpe -
have noticed a new Facebook page has been raised - however no photo, no information whatsoever (not even location) -
have reported this page to Facebook as 'fake' profile

nb: there is another "Volpe James Scott" Facebook page of ******ia Beach, which also looks suspicious with one photo only and a 'from Hong Kong" but was there before the one of James Scott Volpe of Jacksonville, Florida -

update on James Scott Volpe (or Volpe James Scott)
both Facebook profiles are no longer viewable - this, after multiple reports to Facebook about these profiles being 'fake' and 'romance scam" -
also:Sherry Sutherby Caccamo posted (3 Sept) a warning on Facebook re Volpe James Scott being a 'hacker' and to block both accounts - I messaged her to obtain more information and am hoping to hear from her soon -
I also noticed that my forum post is viewable on Facebook (?) which surprises me, as I thought this would be restricted to our Male-Scammers Forum -
my report #13099 still hasn't been published on this website -