View Full Version : Emotionally Scammed

10-06-2017, 07:19 PM
Wow....I had been suspicious of an individual for a while, because of the things he had been doing, but didn't want to move forward. I liked him, not just liked him, but fell in love (mentally). We met on BPM (D. H. Thomas) and had been talking, emailing, and text for a long period of time. Someone else told/encouraged me to look up his email address/name on google and there is was...a picture/description to a "T." I did't want it to be true but when it's in plain view, what do you say. :confused:


Here it is October 2017 and I had been supposedly, talking to a scammer from Singapore, Malaysia (KL), Sacramento/Elk Grove/San Jose/Los Angeles CA, (who knows where else) since December of 2015. Mentally/emotionally, I gave and he took with no questions asked....that is the hardest thing I am dealing with now, but this THIS TOO SHALL PASS.

Has anyone had any dealings with this person past or currently?