View Full Version : Svindler from kabul

09-11-2016, 01:28 PM
HELLO I do not know if he is a swindler but've known him for a year sent 200,000 Danish kroner to him over the west u As in my case I fell in love såså bad he has promised to come to me give me the house and car he must have his package the uk because of the army where he is he can not send money even they are locked in to the package arrives he writes daily has farm and money is General in Kabul but talk, we can not because he does not have to call from this place they may not have mobiles, he has a son of 15 at a school in star networks lost his wife in childbirth 5 years ago, his son was mobile by me and also writes to me I'm very insecure even though my heart bleeds he has caught me in my sorrow over a divorce, I just want to be sure very enda I must be honest såså love he says he can not live without me never in life .I would not like to doubt the will not be held fornar there are some who have bumps on him .For me there is a lot of money he lacks the latter should I trust him?
Hoping for help