View Full Version : Has anyone heard of David Freeborn from (supposedly) Ashburn, VA?

07-27-2016, 12:01 AM
Supposedly a 63 year old interior designer from Ashburn, VA? Another guy I met on match whose pic and voice are so ****...but, alas, I think he is a scammer. Too bad, because he's (that is, whoever the guy is who identifies as "David" is ) gorgeous, and I liked hearing the sound of his voice. He hasn't asked for money....just other red flags...like him telling me he was going to fly into Richmond, VA from Ontario, Canada...but he didn't say WHICH Ottawa/Ontario airport, and no one whose home was in Ashburn would use the Richmond airport..they'd fly into Washington, D.C., which is much closer to Ashburn Then, I checked the flights arriving in Richmond on the day he told me he was arriving.....there were none from anywhere in Canada; not even connecting flights that originated in Canada...last but not least....the flight number he had listed on his "itinerary" appeared to be one that flies daily out of Dubai.....here's what I am thinking....I'll bet he has another profile under another name, and that profile identifies him as a petroleum engineer or some other type of engineer working as a consultant in Dubai...I'll bet he got lazy and forgot to doctor a previous itinerary that he had sent to another woman (or multiple women, LOL!) I don't live in Ashburn (I live on the West Coast,) so I have no clue as to why he'd lie to me about a trip he was taking to his (supposed) home in VA...