View Full Version : Skype Scams

07-23-2016, 08:03 PM
If you have never seen these before, be aware! People sign up for skype and make fake accounts with bios and pictures and everything. They claim to have seen you online and admire you. They basically catfish you into relationships and eventually run into money problems then ask for money via paypal for rent or some other bill.

02-05-2020, 09:35 AM
I remember the first time on Skype...a random person messaged me and sent me that scam website asking me if i can join a private webcam to talk and I am like "what's the point of joining Skype?" lol but i felt there was something fishy about it so I kept saying no and this person kept on pressing on. I decided to look up on Google to check what kind of website it was and lo and behold....I found out it was a scam. i immediately blocked and reported that person. i still get "friend requests" on Skype and i would pay attention to the way they send a message. i knew now it's a scam. somebody better catch them!!