View Full Version : Making sure you don't get scammed

07-16-2016, 02:09 AM
How do you make sure that you don't get scammed? I mean I would love to hear everything from you all because I think that it could help everyone out.

07-23-2016, 04:12 AM
It depends on the kind of scam. But the golden rule is "don't send any money to any newcome friend".

07-23-2016, 08:16 PM
I never get too personal with people. I will share a bit on myself but event that can be held against you in the future so you have to be careful. I also NEVER send money to anyone online.

06-08-2019, 04:56 AM
My tip - if the first contact from the user is gushing with how gorgeous you are and the most beautiful angel ever seen - be cautious. Also, if you have had a good connection for a while and you care some - really like them - be sure not to express those feelings unless and until you meet in person. The romance scams only work if they gain your love and trust. If they ask for money - I give them only 1 word no matter what the crisis - that word is goodbye.

09-11-2019, 09:35 PM
Has anyone here heard of a man named Steven Thomas ? Says he is a construction engineer out of California? I think he is trying to scam me. Keeping my eyes open.
Also a man named frank Edwards out of South Carolina. Says he is a engineer on a oil rig .has anyone heard of either one of these men?

02-03-2020, 10:23 PM
No have not heard of either of them. But wondering if anyone has come across the names of John Alfred or Alvin May

02-03-2020, 10:25 PM
Anyone heard from a John Alfred or Alvin May