View Full Version : Richard Weston uses other person's photo.

07-31-2014, 07:33 PM
Everyday I visited Richard's profile name," tonheart ", in id.match.com ( Malaysia ), and I found he deleted his photos, it might he found that I attached his photos in this forum. And about 17 days ago, I was surprised I discovered Richard Weston had attached another person's photo in his profile in id.Match.com, that I remember he used that same photos about a year ago or after he disappeared with my money he borrowed from me around February 2013. He used nickname, Ricwill, and had hided his profile more than a year, now "tonheart", in Facebook he used Richard W William.

I don't know what name he uses right now.

Really be careful with this person, he is very very dishonest person, even I saw he used different other person's photo in " LINE " then he deleted it again. I am attaching his photo he uses now in match.com ( Malaysia ), 56 year old man, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

I always pray He could be arrested by the Authority.

08-01-2014, 08:54 AM
How do you find out if they have used a fake profile pic?
How many times were you asked to send money?
Did he ever know you suspected him?

08-02-2014, 05:35 AM
Thanks God this time by accidentally I found he used other person's photo. As I wrote before that Richard Weston had scammed me, he borrowed my money about 85.000 US dollar, many many many times he, "his daughter ". "his lawyer" asked me to sent him money, giving me fake stories ."He borrowed my money and would pay me back soon"........to pay for "his workers", " to open an account in the bank".."to pay Malaysian government tax"... "to pay for the part of trucktor"...."to pay to Malaysian Police so that he could be out" ( he was hold in Police Station )... He was hold in "Philippine Immigration and Custom". His "daughter and his lawyer " terrored me everyday telling me that I was heartless, told me "he was my husband", the daughter called me "mom" and said had to help her father and had to sent money, she guaranty her father would pay my money back and etc. Yes, he had ever known me suspected him when I didn't answer their phone and their sms, stopped sending money and told him I didn't believe Candy and Kingswill were the real name of his children, he asked me why I was not the same person who always believed him, I told him he had not paid my money back yet as he promised, he cheated me and I also didn't believe bank wrote me email and I knew the form of the bank was fake. After stopped contacting them my mind became clearer that he scammed me and I cried for few months. My feeling is still bitter by him, I still give him some call by phone, hopping I could talk and asked him to return my money back but he never answered it. I have visited his profile in match.com since he dissapeared last year, and then everyday, because I have insting that he will appear again looking for another VICTIM. He was the one who contacted me, when I searched in match.com I found he had two profile nickname, Ric50 and ton love, then now ton heart. The photos he attached were the same photos. After he deleted his profile photo, he didn't attach any photo until .....when he had just attached other person photo in his profile "tonheart" , at the same time I was online and visited his profile and with surprise seeing he put different photo and the photo I knew more than a year ago in Match.com. I know He is looking for another Victim.

I do hope I can give warning to other women so that they will not become his next victim.