View Full Version : Romance Scammer Basten Boadu (Justin Anthony) senior officer of US Army

06-25-2014, 09:01 AM
I started chatting with this guy Justin Anthony (same photo as this site Basten Boadu) from April.10. He told me he was senior officer of US Army in Afgran, 48 , no family, wife divorced & dead 3 years before, only has a son 7 years old in UK school. At the end of May, he informed me he got retirement approval, but before that, he had to take the last 60days mission in Syria. He asked me help to keep one package with some money, personal documents, photos and rings inside, hope I can keep well until his back. In case anything happened in Syria, I could help to take care his son. I accepted. 5 days later, one agent sent me e-mail attached passport copy to ask for package clearance document charges GBP3800. I wondered i live in HK, why the package transit in UK and requested so expensive charges. I contacted Justin immediately, he told me how important that package for him, but he couldn't do anything in Syria, i am the only one he trusted and could help. He told me that's the UN office delivery agent, could be trusted. So I decided to pay that charges in order to approve my thinking. After receipt of the 1st payment, the agent contacted me again, sent me one fake certificate and asked for GBP14,000 more for other documents. Because i had experience for official documents, so i pointed out lots mistake to Justin and told him clearly I paid 1st time not because I was stupid, it was for testing, I would not pay anymore. After then, he told me he had to handle that important package by himself, he must applicant earlier retirement and leave Syria earlier. But it's talking about another big amount earlier retirement charges. I refused again and asked him stop cheating women. My last e-mail was Jun.23, same date Jack Redd got wondereyes on skype. One more thing, one day he made a mistake let me found the chatting time not matching the place he told me, i asked if he was in Nigeria? He told me that's British time. I think that's the reason he adjusted to work in London now.

07-16-2016, 02:09 AM
Wow, that is just crazy. I mean the things that these people come up with. I mean I'm sure that most of the time these people aren't in the military, but they think that since they say they are, they will get money from you. But, isn't it against the law to say you are? I feel like it is and they could get into a lot of trouble.