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03-02-2014, 07:26 PM
Ross Howard of Diamond Security Group is a 419 scammer asking for fees up front to clear funds. Uses a false address at a shopping complex that has not heard of the company and the same address and information is used with two other companies Golden China Brokerage and Delwood Finance Security - the information has been stolen from a legitimate Finance company, including photos, text and info on their principals - I have contacted the legitimate company in the USA and they are in the process of contacting the the FCC - I have several emails from Ross - they are part of a group of scammers operating in Malaysia, UK and Thailand and Nigeria. the false address they use for these 3 companies is

Ground & 1st Floor Boulevard Complex, Lot 2528, Jalan Boulevard Utama Boulevard Commercial Center, 98000 Miri Sarawak Malaysia

ph: + 603 5021 9066/ +603 2178 4466
fax: +603 2178 4854

Ross Howard


04-22-2014, 09:12 AM
I agree with the other post regarding Ross Howard from Diamond security group.Ross Howard is a scammer and a con artist.He works with several people around the world from germany to Togo Africa.I had the unfortunate mishap to fall for their scam and have been deceived by their way of operation.The address they have in Malaysia does not exist and the person I met in Kuala Lumpur is definitely not the person I spoke on the phone.Please be careful with anybody adverttising their services under diamond security services or Global Link Group from Germany with a certain Dr. Clenny Braan as the contact.:mad: