View Full Version : Micheal Raynolds from Lagos (Nigeria)

09-24-2013, 09:25 PM
First reported as: Micheal Raynolds
Age: 46
Scams from: Lagos (Nigeria)
Phone number(s): 2347065452551
Used e-mail address(es): bigheart11399@yahoo.com
Scams on: Face Book, Meet Me

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10-21-2013, 08:30 PM
He also found me on Badoo website. He is using the name David James Burger and he is using David's pictures found in Facebook.

He said he is working in Abuja, Nigeria due to his job and sent me via yahoo his "job description":

My job can primarily be described as self-employment with intense involvement of professionalism. Having studied Energy Management, I will say I am fortunate to have found myself on the field of global finished and unfinished petroleum products marketing and facilitation. For less than a year now, I have ended up bidding for contracts internationally to work for oil buyers as buyers&apos; facilitator-in between the buyer side and the seller side. At this stage of business,
both the seller and the buyer certainly require a high level of confidence, competence and trust in me as my functions include but not limited to Sales and Purchase Contract Agreement (SPA) management, Arranging and ascertaining Quality and Quantity Analyses (Q&Q) -- dealing with Independent surveyors, Negotiation with cargo owners for re-charter of loaded vessels, Management and handling of payments for security clearances when necessary and signing within the two parties and the broker-chain, Non-Circumvention, Non-Disclosure Agreement(NCNDA) and Master Fee Protection Agreement( MFPA) in line with the International Chamber of Commerce(ICC-Inco terms)

It is sad how these heartless guys are using pictures that do not belong to them and use children to make women fall in the trap that they are good guys.