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08-21-2013, 04:43 PM
First reported as: John Wells
Age: 50
Scams from: Kabul (Afghanistan) and Lagos (Nigeria)
Phone number(s): 2348130038143
Used e-mail address(es): jonnywells50@yahoo.com
Scams on: Be 2, Face Book, Hi 5, Tagged, Yahoo Messenger

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02-17-2016, 03:39 PM
[FONT="Book Antiqua"]oh he thinks he smart and is always the genuine nice guy at first and beiing very new to online dating i fall for it thwn you say NO and the love dies instantly and you find out hes been talkiong to women all over the net same sob story

he needs money to get home...hes been to syria afghan lybia nigeria if theres hot spot hes been there...talk of marriage the whole works then when you find out hes messages are read by a woman in Irleand and tlak to her as she truly desnt get whats hes like....she then gets his email password and decides what emails are forwarded on and what arent....

hes a liar....and she will get ti one day...hope she doesnt lose home..as thats how shameless he is I am actually smiling typing this...because she checks all of these sites....where as I am free of sgt John WellsI canj confirm his in Nigeria got it checked and yes hes in nigeria

My children actually hate him....this will kill him becuase underneath all his issues he loved them....if you see him...and right now hes on badoo meet-meand oasis.....report him expose him on live feed and BLOCK him....if he can get me he can get anyone...

there isnt a scammer have talked too....that cares is human all they are worried about is MONEY...how they get it the chaos they leave behind they dont care....he uses jimmy...jim...james....tom..tim jon..johnny...very english names...ususally contacted to the bible...as scammers do...

we talked for over 2 years...from 2013 through to january 2016/and believe me if i was still sending money we would stuill be talking..always good to keep chats because he can deny it as much as he likes...and say someone stole his photos...try getting a up to date photo out of him and the truth will come out...FONT]

09-24-2016, 07:26 PM
I'm sorry I went threw the same experience. My scammer broke my heart. He says he is a Capt in the army in Afghanistan doing a peace keeping mission .I've sent several thousand dollar and still hadn't gone threw the final stage yet that was going to cost me a lot more .iam so hurt I look everyday for his picture on here but haven't found him .