View Full Version : Scammers in Afghanistan

08-11-2013, 09:56 PM

I was chating with a Commandant Sargeant Major from Kabul called, COLE GANBO almost one month via Skype, and he said that he is looking for a NICE and pretty black girl for married and is like he's has meet the girl, he told me that he has a son called Mark but is in London with the uncle, the wife died in crash auto accident in New York 2 years ago, he ask me to sent my email so he can tell me about him self, send photos also and the son photos, he was writing me every day from Kabul according to him, he call me only two times i thing and he said that it's not aloud to make calls, he can not use the web cam also i said ok, not problem.

We started talking about LOVE, PLANS to come down to Spain during his vacations because he can not go to Chicago for vacations, because tha is the UN rule, that is why he prefare to travel to Spain with his son Mark, After 3 weeks he ask me for a favor, he said he has about 2.500.000 US DOLLARS, with some golds and he want to send those things to me so, i can keept them for him until he travel down to Spain, but the only person can bring the things is an UN DIPLOMÁTIC, but i have to pay 800 POUNDS(1000€), and the Agent cannot move whit out seeing the money, i told him that i don't have money, he was talking about the money every day an i go for a loan and he said that, he will Paid extra 1000€ commision to the person, he told me that he's Salary is every two weeks 45.000 but, he cannot take the money, we talk a lot finaly, last Monday 5 i get the money for him, he send a name but Ghana, MARK OWUSU and i said, why to Ghana?, he said because the Agent it half American, half Ghanian, the fmother is from Chicago and the father is from Ghana i said ok, because it's posible, after sending the money to Ghana, the music started change, the DIPLOMAT IS MOVING to night he will call me after getting to Madrid, no body call me, i started going mad because i have to return the loan in 72 hours, he stop conecting on skype gradualy, i send mail to him asking him about the Agent, he said i have to calm down there's was a plain deleted but by tomorrow morning he will be at Spain, i did not hear anything from him, i sent him an email around 2:30, i started suspected him, i was mad later, i chake the Kabul code NUMBER it was 93, but in skype profile the telephone code NUMBER was only +1(23), only, i sarch for Ghana and i saw 233, i said this is fraud, i navigate almust 3 hours on net, i started wriding about the Americans militarys skype fraud, i sent him an email tellying him a lot of things i told him that you are in Ghana this is your profile code and this is the Kabul code, he did not replay until the following day, and he said, what is wrong with you my queen, bla, bla, bla, i told him to forget about me, later he sent email to me tellying me that the Agent have called me, i did not replay him, he send an other mail asking of his money, because the Agent told him that i've callected the box, before then he sent me a code box 1986, he write me againt in 3 ocasions asking me to give him his money and he will get me, i block him on my skype, he send a requests again, finaly i change my skype account, but now i saw the GUY photo as Badou.