View Full Version : I don't want him to end up hurting anyone else.

02-01-2019, 09:02 PM
I am not sure if I was the victim of a marriage fraud scammer. I have been skyping online with a man I met on a dating website called muslima.com for the past four months. He is from Algeria and I am from the US. He professed his love to me very early as well as his interest in marrying me. These were warning signs I ignored because I wanted to believe this man is really interested in me and also because he never asked me for money. We were in contact every day for four months. I really felt like he cared for me. But in the back of my mind I kept remembering a warning that the US Consulate in Algeria had posted stating that Americans have been victims of marriage fraud in which married men will divorce their wives in their home country, profess love to an american woman and marry her to get a greencard and then later divorce their sponsor, remarry their first wife and bring their family over to the US. I asked Adel, the man I have been speaking to online, about whether he was married and if I could meet his family through Skype. One episode was a disaster and we couldn't connect. But later, he introduced me to his uncle. I have way to verify if this man is his uncle since I don't speak French or Arabic. Another time he skyped and there was a woman in the background who he said was his sister and a child who he said was his nephew. He was at his sister's house at the time. Finally, he was skyping me from his home one morning and I heard a child approach him who he explained was his "nephew". When I asked why his nephew was staying with him he would not answer me. A few minutes later he gets up during skyping me on his phone to tell me he's going to go to the cafe now. I am left thinking, "what? He's leaving a toddler at home by himself? I asked all kinds of questions but I couldn't get anything out of him. No answers at all. Not, "oh, well my sister is staying with me with her child". Nothing. No explanation. He insists he is not married but nothing adds up. I don't know what to think and my heart is broken...